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Her Music Tells A Story

Irene Michaels, a Chicago native, emerges as a rising force in the vibrant dance music scene. As a multi-talented artist, she embodies the spirit of a true Renaissance woman. Known for her influential blog, I On The Scene, Irene has already established a strong personal brand.

Breaking the mold, Irene delved into the realm of house music long before the genre gained its current popularity, even preceding the likes of Beyoncé and Drake. Her earlier ventures yielded two international hit singles, "Hush Money" and "Devil in Disguise." Now, she unveils her most compelling project yet, "I Like Rain," creating a pre-buzz that suggests imminent success.

The powerhouse team behind Irene is a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence. Renowned house music producer Joe Smooth has been an integral part of her journey from the very beginning. Accomplished songwriter Michael A. Levine, who has collaborated with notable artists like Lorde and Roberta Flack while composing scores for esteemed composers such as Hans Zimmer, brings his immense talent to crafting captivating songs alongside Irene.

Always on the lookout for fresh, emerging talents, Irene embraces DJ Thad X, whose electrifying arena concert sound ignites audiences and sets them in motion with unbridled energy. Adding to her impressive support system is TRAX Records, the original home of house music, with an indelible legacy that speaks for itself.

As Irene Michaels gears up for her highly anticipated house music tour, anticipation mounts across the globe. TRAX President Rachael Cain affirms Irene's timeless appeal and undeniable beauty, predicting her capacity to inspire women worldwide and reshape perceptions of today's dance-pop star. At 75 years young, Irene continues to radiate a brilliant light that knows no boundaries.

Irene Michaels - I Like Rain (Michael A. Levine Mix) [Official Music Video]
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